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Key Issues

Law and Order

As a young man growing up in the county I have seen first hand the impact of crime on hardworking, local people. My family home in Cornwall was burgled several times when I was a child, as was my great aunts, with the loss of treasured family possessions that can never be replaced.

My father’s mother, who was a beloved publican in Launceston, was also burgled. The man responsible, not satisfied with taking her life’s savings also assaulted her while she slept in her bed, the injury’s ultimately resulting in her untimely passing.

After watching the riots in London last year and having had to personally deal with antisocial behaviour in our ward of Boscawen, one of the key motivations for me to run for city council was the anger that I felt towards this toxic issue. I hope I can follow in the footsteps of my great Uncle, Arthur Pill, who was a senior figure in the Devon and Cornwall constabulary, and do all I can to help protect Truro and keep it safe for all.

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