Adam Desmonde - Truro City Councillor

Representing Truro - Working for a fair and Prosperous Cornwall

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adam desmonde - truro

Key Issues

Why support Councillor Desmonde?

Passion for Threemilestone and Truro

The Councillor is passionate about Threemilestone, Truro and Cornwall. He wants to make sure we protect our green spaces, get the best possible outcome for the Cornish when dealing with the private sector and ensure we make Cornwall financially strong. 

Understands Economic Challenges

The Councillor understands how difficult it is at this time for residents in Truro and Threemilestone. He has faced similar challenges and even faced the prospect of seeing his business fail during the recession. Finances are tight and with the cost of fuel, heating and food pressing on our disposable income we must ensure our Council taxes are fair and the people we employee are working hard for us.

Ensuring we are Heard

Councillor Desmonde strongly believes that as we manage issues at home such as paying our bills and caring for our families, we must know that our needs and concerns are being heard clearly and democratically by our Council and beyond. He has personally had to fight to be heard regarding antisocial behaviour and parking and understands how it feels when you are sometimes treated unfairly by faceless and unaccountable bureaucrats.

Continuing to Work for our Area

The candidate is focused on continuing the job begun in City Council of helping local people and making sure they are represented and supported. 

Looking Towards a Positive Financial Future for Cornwall

As we begin to climb out of recession Councillor Desmonde wants to make use of his business experience, knowledge of high tech industries and Cornwall to ensure we make the best financial decisions for our area and make it a place where business, jobs and investment thrives.